Monday, 19 May 2008

Why I pray?

I walked my own lanes,

To find myself,

Amongst the narrow and wide,

Lost amidst the bright and dim.

I remember Him,

With great fondness and zeal,

So that I touch and reach,

An ambition I love,

But what my heart always failed to reveal.

Thus I bend my knees slightly,

With my head raised towards the blue,

Hoping to evade my fear of failure,

Because somewhere He knows,I hate to fall,

And cry bitterly when in pain.

And only He believes,That I would do no wrong,

But gradually coil when hurt and insane.

So I clasp my hands together,

And make a call,

If He answers,

He has heard,

The fear would be gone,

My love revived,

With my faith in GOD soon reconciled.